July 15, 2011

Gyaru Role Models

These are Vicky and Jennifer's favorite gyaru role models!! These gals have been in the game for a while and are the best of the best.
This gal is Kumiko Funayama. She is in Popteen Magazine.
Her style of gyaru is more of the natural gyaru which still looks good without all of the makeup most models wear.

This gal's name is Romihi. She's in the egg Magazine. Her hair is always crazy and really cute.
Her makeup shading is also one of the best.

This gal is Nana Suzuki. She is one of my favorite models with short hair. Most gyaru models have mostly medium-long hair, but Nana pulls it off really well! She is also in Popteen Magazine.

This is my favorite gal, Kanako Kawabata and she is my freaking idol!!! She works for Egg Magazine and really well known for her two tone hair color and her tomboyish look/style. Love her ;D


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