July 30, 2011


My umma and I have FINALLY been reunited!!(on monday) We haven't seen each other in so long ever since Jennifer went off to Korea back in June to finally reunite with her mom. We've been in contact with each other but it just wasn't as fun here without her and the same was for her too. But now that she's finally back we went out!!!! Slept over, did our gyaru thing and she had a lot of stories to tell me. So yeah here's some pictures we took.


First place we went to was Uwajimaya!! It took us an hour and a half by max and bus just to get to Uwajimaya which was all the way in Beaverton.
 Picking out food.

 Some white dude kept following us, so I took a picture to check him out.
 We left Uwajimaya and went to Target!
 Baking aisle. Couldn't decide on what to make.
 We ended up buying Rice Krispies.
XD we didn't know how to make rice krispies so I had to take a picture of the recipe from a different box.
Onigiri[rice balls]
 Hmm what would you call this? ;D

Later that night we made gyaru nails and we also did some hair accessory review and our OFTN(outfit for that night).

 Mine's on the left and Jennifer's on the right.
I'm not sure what you call these. Twisty headband?? :D

 You can wear it with your hair down or up.

Bow hair tie.
 Wear it to the side or at the crown of your head.
 Big frilly bow.
 When you're wearing something big like this bow always wear at the crown or the top so people can see the bow.

Top hat with a bow.
 You can wear this clipped on the side or at the top.
Hair scrunchie and a star hair tie.
 There's not much you can do with a hair tie but tie up your hair.


Just some pictures of that night. . . .


  1. You girls have a pretty haircolor.
    Hoping that's how my hair will turn out when I dye it soon. -.-


  2. The twisty thing is called an usamimi. xD
    I'm so jelly. I want your accessories. ; _ ;

    You guys are so cute. ♡
    You're my new favourite blog! d(^-^)

  3. Aww thank you!! <3 <3
    Haha and yes the usamimi were good thanks for telling me the name :3