August 13, 2011

♔ Decoden ♔

Vicky and I have been obsessing over decoden lately! I have watched many videos that use silicon as their base, to replicate whip cream. I recently found some at the hardware store for about three dollars. To replicate the whip cream effect, I bought cake tips at Walmart for about three dollars. I decorated a couple of things. My foundation powder, my eyelash case, and the back of one of my mirrors. Vicky is really good at it too! She decodened the back of her ipod touch and even some nails. Pretty much decoden (if you don't know) is making everyday things really cute and adorable and putting 3D items such as figurines, glitter, rhinestones, and anything else. Decoden is very popular with gyaru fashion and many people are getting into decoden all over the world. Go and try! It's a really fun, and an addicting hobby! 
 My cute powder foundation case  ♥
 Tsukema Case (eyelash case)
 Mirror (with a purikura) ♥
My decoden materials (Dap(silicon), rhinestones, glitter, & etc. 


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