August 31, 2011


So today was a beautiful day to go out and eat sushi!! We went all out today guys! Full gyaru(sort of). Any ways, since I was gonna spend the night at Jennifer's house after we had our sushi, which we didn't take any pictures of because Jennifer forgot her memory card and I forgot my camera. Ok so anyways after sushi we went across the street to Dollar Tree!! We just bought junk food, yeaaah. Oh and curlers too, for a review I think? Check out our amazing junk food haul.
After Dollar Tree we headed into the mall hoping to leave but we got stopped by the amazing nails inside of Forever21!! We bought two different nail design and two rosy mirrors. On the cheap aisle ;D
So we finally hopped onto the max to go down to Target to get our Rice Krispies box. Sat across from a very strange guy. Anyways we also bought a spray tan can, a new foundation brush and falsies and that was it. In the makeup aisle there's this section for Hello Kitty makeup and they were selling Hello Kitty temporary tattoos for only 1.99 and we didn't steal it but it was a lot thicker than the other Hello Kitty tattoo packages. We got a GREAT deal! There was supposed to be only one sheet that had 50 tattoos but in ours we got four sheets giving us 200!!!