October 9, 2011

♪ ♫ ♬ Happy Birthday To~♪ ♫ ♬

Hello!!!! Well today, or yesterday was my 19th birthday!!! I'm almost 21!!! I had a pretty good birthday. Came down to Oregon, then went to eat pho with Vicky, then we went out with a couple more friends, then another friend of mine, threw me a party. We stayed out till 12 AM!! I also gave Vicky her gift since its sooo close to her birthday tooo!!! I ended up getting her from Uwajimaya, an egg magazine, a pair of eyelashes,and double eyelid tape! She really liked them!!! Well anyways, this was a pretty short post, and I just want to remind everyone that we almost have 50 followers to do our mini giveaway!!! Just three or more will do it! <3 Have a great rest of your weekend everyone!!!
(Me and a friend!!)

(Vicky getting her gift)

(Opening up her magazine)

(egg magazine!!)

(Next gifts)



  1. Happy b-day! ( : Yours gifts looks nice ^^

  2. happy birthday ! ^^ lovely gifts :3

  3. Happy Birthday ! (To both of you!)

  4. Thanks guys! We both had a blast!! And a little hungover the next day hehe, even though there was no alcohol beverages present.