October 11, 2011

✖New Things✖ (Happy Birthday To Vicky!!)

 Hellooo everyone!!! Today is Vicky's actual birthday!!! Happy birthday to her!!!!! So I just want to share with you guys, some of the new things that I have received/bought recently!!! For my birthday, my aunt got me new makeup cases, but they ended up being too small, so I had to exchange them for a bigger case! The case is really nice, but still a little small cause I have too much makeup!! The brand is called Soho London New York. It's really nice cause it has two compartments on each side that open up too. <3 

My next new item are my new shoes!!! I've really wanted a pair of the combat looking boots/shoes that are really popular lately. Apparently they're all a little expensive but I found a pair that wasn't too bad. The brand is called Brash and are black, so they'll go with anything.

And my last new item I bought was something for me to do while waiting for a call back from a job lol. Its a "make your own hello kitty plushie". It was in the kid section so hopefully it won't be too difficult to do. I'll let you guys know how it goes later. 

But anyways, yeahh!!! This probably is a little random but oh well. I have a circle lens review that I'm going to do soon!! I just ordered a pair of Tsubasa Masuwaka's princess mimi chocolate brown lens. So that's something to look forward too! Almost to 50 followers!!! <3 <3 <3 


  1. What, make your own plushie?! LOL! xD You'll have to take a pic of your plushie when it's finished. ^^

  2. haha yes i will post pictures when i have completed it :)