November 9, 2011

✧✧ My Japanese カンカン(cancan) Hat ✧✧

I just recieved my cancan hat from ebay a couple weeks ago. It was only 8$ with free shipping! I was really surprised at how cheap it was, because it Japan they're a little pricey. The straw material is very flimsy though, so I had to spray starch to make it stiff. It also has a cute black bow <3 <3 I really love the effect that the hat gives. It give a cute, gyaru look that so many gyaru models have, for example, Kumicky. 

(another collage <3 <3)

Just two more days till I'm in Oregon, and we're going to have a very special post coming up very soon!! Have a good night!! <3 <3 


  1. I have one ! but in pink colour ! :D

  2. I love the cancan hats! Once spring comes around I'm going to go stock up on a whole bunch, but for now I'm going to go with knit hats~

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  4. I've this hat too, and I really loveee it :D I'm going to buy more <3

  5. @Maii, where did you get yours?? i've been trying to look for more

    @ LemonberryLulu, I need to buy more knit hats for the winter too and i love cancan hats now <3 <3

    @Winda Tiodang, thank you so much for commenting! Of course we'll follow you and thank you again for recommending us on google. can't wait to see what kind of things you'll blog.

    @cominica, i can't wait to buy more too <3 <3