January 28, 2012

✮Baby Haul✮

G O O D  D A Y ;D

Let's get to it! Baby haul! Lol not really a haul just something I felt like getting even though I was on a SUPAH low budget XD my friend took some neat pictures of me but I'll wait for her to upload them and once they're up I'll do a little blog on the photos. 
[this cute yummy bag from h&m, when I saw it I knew I had to buy it! was only $13]

[just browsing through forever21's jewelry when I saw these baby! stars!! I've always wanted huge star earrings and now I do! only $3.80]

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  1. Those star earrings are too cute! (o^_^o)

    1. I know! XD finally got me some good pairs of star earrings