July 20, 2012

❣Tokidoki Makeup❣

Hey gals!!! We're going two days in a row of posting so far!! So recently I went to Sephora at the the mall and I saw that they were having a sale on some Tokidoki makeup products. They had a variety of makeup brushes, perfume, eye shadow pallets, makeup bags, blush, eyeliner, and etc. It was all 40% off!! So I ended up getting a perfume called ciao ciao and a bronze and blush pallet. The perfume is a really flowery cute smell and matched me exactly. They had another perfume that smelled like donuts!! The blush pallet is a very light but is noticeable when put on as well as the medium colored bronze. 

(Sephora Baggy) 

(Blush & Bronze Pallete)

(Ciao Ciao Perfume ~~)
 I hope to keep strong with the postings!! See you tomorrow!!!! ♫ ♩ 


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