August 6, 2012

☆Summer Goodies☆

Wow, summer been doing good for me. Went to Washington to visit my umma [jennifer] and we did so many things while I was out there with her. Always good fun times with her. I was out there for two weeks!!! But it was all goody because I did get free food (。Ф∀Ф。) hehe! I did get a few little things while I was out there shopping with Jennifer, best part was getting my ukulele!! (¯`v´¯) . I think it would've been nice to tan and swim everyday while I was over there but dang that weather!! No sun for almost a whole week, only clouds and there was even a thunderstorm!? Crazy right! I left the following the sunday and came back home to Oregon, and wow it's been SUPER hot here, high 80s to 90s. Been sweating!! I don't think I did much when I got back home, probably just video game all day haha! But I have been going out lately and I got some time to do a little shopping at the mall. YES! Oh yes, and I've been like really into diy-ing old/new 
shirts, cutting off the sleeves and such. Alright, picture GO!
[best pool friend!!!!!!! gyaru status]
 [the neon v-neck had it's sleeves cut off and made fringes to the orange top, i forgot where i bought these tops specifically but i think they were love culture and wet seal and prices were around 6$-8$<--sale]
 [closer view on the sloppy fringed cutting]
 [when i got home i really had the urge to cut these two old hoodies just sitting in my closet]
 [this was a really old cut up shirt that i made with jennifer back when we first started hanging out and she introduced gyaru to me]
 [this korean? bag jennifer had bought from ebay, i guess they gave her two so she gave me the other one, i think was like around 25$]
 [got back home to oregon and went to papaya at the mall and bought this loose top and a bra, top was &4 and bra was like 5$]
 [h&m earrings 5-6$ i liked the shape]
 [went to target and bought this sheer powder, works good, maybe a tutorial with it soon 3$]
 [desperately needed new headphones!!!! got them at daiso 1.50$]

 [the soprano ukulele jennifer let me buy off of ebay 25$! i had to deco it!! i wanted mine to be the cutest ukulele ( -`д´-) ]

How's summer treating you gals???!!!!!!


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