September 19, 2012

♗ Romihi Purple/Pink Inspired Look ♗

So today's post is a look I was inspired by. It's from a summer egg magazine I think haha. But I just really like this look because it's so bright and fun looking! It's hard to find bright looking makeups now because everyone is so neutral or natural looking. So I ended up using pink and purple eye shadow and pink lipstick. I wish I had a pink wig because it looks so cute on Romihi!! But I just did high bun things instead. :)

(It is difficult to see the purple and pink, but it's there :))

(Please mind the eye tape lol)

(View of my hair bun things ♥)


Two news events!!!! Our blog is almost to 100 blog posts!!!!! And we're on our way to having 100 followers!!! Thanks to all of you following us. Once we reach that 100th follower, a giveaway will commence!!!

The next event is Vicky and my birthdays are coming up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Vicky's is on October 11th and she will be 19!! My b-day is on October 8th and I will be 20!!!! (I'm so old haha). I will be going to Oregon to celebrate our birthdays together just like we did last year!!! Can't wait!!! See you guys later!!!! 


  1. Aww that is one cute inspired look!! And congrats, I'm sure you'll surpass 100 followers in no time!

  2. Super cute look! U already look very cute without the wig ^_^
    I can see some purple eyeshadow on your eyes and looks gorgeous~ <3
    Love the lenses too~ <3