October 23, 2012

•*¨*•A Dolly Wink Looking Eyelash Case•*¨*•

(So cute!!❤)

Short post!!! First, we have a new header!! Next, I found this really cute dolly wink looking case at Daiso!!! Of course everything is cheap there, so of course I had to buy it ¬). This case is a little small because it only holds three sets of eyelashes and has a small section for glue.

(Very compacted)

I decided to use this case to put my favorite eyelashes that I use all the time. After all, pretty eyelashes need a pretty cute case (╯▽╰).

(Click for close-up)

I will continue to be blogging regularly, and I'll be posting a hair dying with palty review soon. Take care ☆⌒999⌒☆

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