October 16, 2012

☆:*´¨`* My Semi-Big Haul *´¨`*:.☆

Hello all! Jennifer here. I just wanted to show you my items that i've been getting lately. It's a combination of late birthday gifts, and just things i've been buying. This post is a little long, so here's your warning :).

(This is a phone dust cap thing that I got from Fuego for about $9)

(This is my wonderful spike headband!! I love it. Got it from Fuego for only $2.80!!)

(My late birthday gift I got from my bf's family)

            (Nail Polishes in "Strobelight" and "Rockstar")     (Body Sprays in Cotten Candy and Sweet Pea)

(Nail Stickers)
(This was what was inside the gift)

                    (Sequined Collar shirt from Wet Seal)                (Rings that came with the shirt)

(Perfume that my bf got me. Smells so good!! From Rue 21)

(I decided to buy the color tattoo by Maybelline. I wonder if it really is pigmented? Bought from Walmart for about $5)
(Matte Blotting Paper from Nyx. Price: $5)

(Felt eyeliner pen that I always use for my everyday makeup. Brand:essence, Price: $3)

(Nyx eyeliner/eyebrow pencil in black. Price: $4)

(Nyx lipgloss in Gold Pink. Price: $6)

(My Korean food haul Price: $10)

I know Vicky and I haven't been blogging lately, but both of us have been busy with school. I'm hoping to go to Uwajimaya this weekend, so I might have another haul!!! I hope you all are still reading this small little blog haha. We need only 11 more followers and then we'll have our giveway!!!!So hurry up :). Bai bai!!
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