January 24, 2013

❝ Gyaru Weekend/ Popin Cookin Tutorial ❞

Heavy Picture Post!   

Hello everyone it's Jennifer! It's almost the weekend, but this post is all about last weekend. I went to Oregon to meetup with Vicky and another girl (but she couldn't come) so it was just us. I was also able to stay longer because it was a holiday on Monday, so I was happy!! 

I'll start with Saturday
We went to Downtown Portland to shop. For my haul click here!

Vicky's Outfit

Jennifer's Outfit

Shopping Pictures:

Forever 21



 Vicky and I also saw these girls who were wearing really cute clothes! One even had an Ank Rouge bag     

On Sunday, my Aunt took Vicky and I to Uwajimaya   ❤ 
They had a little bakery section, where they were making fresh CREAM PUFFS!! They were soo good   

(Cream Puff Company)

Popin Cookin Tutorial:

When we came home Vicky and I decided to try the Donut Popin Cookin

Inside of the box is this package with all of the materials:

Inside of the package. Comes with the powder for vanilla and chocolate donuts, chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla frosting, molds/plastic container, plastic bag for frosting, crunchy toppings, sprinkles, and a spoon.

Mix the vanilla donut with water in the large section of the plastic container with the spoon

Do the same with the chocolate mix

Fill the chocolate and vanilla donut mix into the molds and pop them out

They should look like this:

Mix the frosting powders with water and decorate your donuts:

(Kawaii!   ❤)

Add the crunchy toppings and sprinkles and enjoy! 

Vicky and mine's reaction was that they were ok... haha. They smelled good but when we ate them they tasted like soggy bread. I thought the frosting was good. Overall it was so fun making these. I can't wait to make the other one   

Here's some of our camera whoring   

Last picture. I left on the train around 4 PM. I was sad to leave because I had so much fun. I can't wait to hang out with Vicky again. 

Hopefully you were able to finish this post even though it was super long. See you next time    


  1. omg.. the popin cooking is soooo cute. where did you get it?

    1. Its from Uwajimaya in Oregon. They also have them in Washington. They also sell them online :)

  2. kawaii you guys are so cute *O*

  3. I love Uwajimaya!! I need to go again XD

  4. I really want to try out the popping cooking! Glad to see y'all had so much fun >.< it's always nice to shop with friends.

  5. Cuuutttee :) I love your nails! The popping cooking looks delicious hahaha. And are those earrings from Forever21?

  6. your outfits are cuute ^^
    the donuts look so yummy too (´∀`)♡

  7. The donuts look yummy! I'm allergic to wheat, I taster Beard Papa's puffs, forbiiden but cold.not.resist. They were like the best thing ever!!! ><
    Have a happy weekend!
    x, Lara

  8. You girls are so cute! I've seen those little donut packet things a lot but I never bought a packet myself. It's really cute though! Such a shame that they don't taste better. XD

  9. Wow! Your nails are so cute~ That candy kit looks so fun!

  10. oh god, the popin cooking looks so cute and yummy~ T___T I wanna try it too ^^

  11. All your pictures are so cute! I love the nail designs too. So pretty!!

  12. Cute donuts..btw i like your nailart! :D

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    MsDressy $80 gift voucher giveaway


  13. I want to make it. So cute!!! ♥.♥

  14. Poppin' cooking!


  15. Thank you for your comment :3

    I love the outfits, they are really cute!!*_* I want try this candy too

  16. Cute outfit Jennifer ^.^ u gals find so cool stuffs, I'm curious if I find Forever 21 in Poland hmmm...