January 29, 2013

∵∴ Oshogatsu Festival/Shopping Haul ∵∴

❤ Heavy Picture Post 

Hey everyone is Jennifer with another weekend post. My new nails!

This past weekend I went to an Oshogatsu Festival in Olympia Washington. I heard about it in an Ibuki Magazine which tells you information about Northwest Japanese festivals, so I was happy to go. My expectation was that it was going to be some big great thing with tons of things to do. But.... it was not like that at all. 

(Greeted by this shrine)

They had a flyer for Japanese trip prices
(not too expensive haha)

I was a little disappointed going to this festival. It seemed like it was a school event because there were a lot of kids. This festival was to celebrate the giving of the Sakura tree to its sister city which is Olympia and a city in Japan (I didn't know which one). The center had a couple of rooms that showed different Japanese culture. One had Ikebana (flower arranging)

They also had an Uwajimaya booth were they were selling food/gifts. One of the main things that was really popular was their coconut drinks. I even tried one because it was only $3! There was this really strong guy cutting all of the coconut.

(Me with my coconut ❤ Oishii!)


After you drank all of the liquid, you could get the coconut split in half and eat the meat which was really fresh tasting ❤.

After, they were showing people how mochi is made. It was pretty funny seeing the guys swing the stick to pound the mochi.

After this my bf and I decided to go to Uwajimaya. I don't think I'll go to this festival again because it was so small, but at least it was free.


I am so broke now, but I just really wanted to get stuff. So I did go to another Uwajimaya, but! I have never been to this one, so I wanted to see if it was better or worse than the others.


This Uwajimaya is so small!! They don't even have a bookstore so I couldn't buy any magazines :(
 But I liked their Dolly Wink Display. So many Tsubasas!! 

They didn't have that many products so I only bought one Dolly Wink product.

After Uwajimaya we went to the South Center Mall and then had Sushiland!!

(Love me some sushi ❤)

❤ Shopping Haul 

Almost done with the post!

(Floral Box and A Strawberry Bento)

I finally bought a Rilakkuma Plushie ❤. Usually I think they're over priced but this one was on sale. 

(30$ down to $27)

Uwajimaya Haul

(Dolly Wink Eyelash Case)

(Chip Chop chocolate chips)

(Popin Cookin Decoration Cake)

(Hi-Chew in Peach)

(My Melody Pin)

Whooo sorry for that long post! Let me know what you think. Thanks 


  1. you bought many cute stuff!! the poppin decoration cake sound very interesting ;)

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  2. Oh, such pretty nails! And the strawberry bento box was just adorable!

  3. you are kawaii ^ O ^ I want those sweets , chocolate chips look like yummy *Q*

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  6. ooh looks interesting! I love everything you got, but I extra LOVE the strawberry bento box!! Omg so cute ehehe~~~

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  8. wah you bought so many great snacks! I'm so jealous (it looked like so much fun) xD
    Also I love your nails

  9. Love your nails!!
    They're gorgeous! :)
    You look so pretty!~


  10. Ahh lucky, that looks like a sushi conveyor belt restaurant? I wish there was one in my area =(