January 2, 2013

๑۩۩..REVIEW: Princess Mimi Almond Brown Circle Lens ..۩۩๑

Happy New Year to all of our followers!!! With a new year, comes resolutions, so I have come up with mine, to blog as much as I can!! Usually I'm super lazy, but I'm gonna put a lot more effort for you guys!! So I'm gonna start this new year right with a circle lens review!! I got these contacts a couple weeks ago, from candylens.com.
(Diameter is 14.5 mm)

These contacts are actually really subtle! For some reason I thought they would stand out more like the Princess Mimi Chocolate Brown or the Sesame Gray ones. But they still do have a "dolly look" to them. 

(Without flash)
These contacts are really comfortable (I'll sometimes wear them for over 15 hrs. :O)
(With flash, no lens in right eye, compared to the left eye with circle lens)
(Both lenses in with flash)


(These lens are very comfortable but can get a little dry the longer you wear them)

(There really is no design to these lenses because they blend in with your own eye. I do like the black ring on the outside of the lens to give it a good dolly look )

(I actually really like the color of brown that the lenses are. Its like a very light brown but then blends in with your eye. Because my eye is naturally dark, it blends right on in)

(I was actually a little disappointed with how little it made my eyes seem bigger. In the picture, it barely looks bigger than my natural eye. I would've thought that because they are 14.5 mm they would've made a bigger difference)

(I really like these lenses. I got them because I always saw Tsubasa Masuwaka wear them on them on the cover of her older dolly wink series. They looked really cute on her, and I think they look good on me too ♥. I recommend these to anyone who wants to try out circle lenses for the first time. They are subtle, but still give you a little bit of an enlargement)

I hope you all liked this review! Please comment, (we love comments). I'll be back soon with another post! Peace!!!♥ -Jennifer


  1. fjkdsfjsd adorable! I love the nails too. Are they that comfortable :o maybe I should get them and try them out!

    1. yes they are very comfortable once you get them on! Plus you can decorate them anyway you want :)

  2. Oh wow those lenses go really well with your hair and eyemake! <3

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