January 14, 2013

◐ Ulzzang Inspired Makeup Tutorial ◑

Heyy It's Jennifer and I'm back to blogging this Monday! I hope you all had a great weekend. I'm just counting down the days till this weekend when I go to Oregon and see Vicky!! So we'll have plenty of pictures about that for you guys. So This week I'm gonna start with an inspired makeup. As many of you know, "ulzzang" is a very innocent/ in a way a dolly look. When I first saw ulzzang I though it was like gyaru, but then I realized it wasn't. Ulzzang is korean slang for "the best face". They try to have no flaws and very light makeup. I have seen different variations of ulzzang to heavy makeup to very little.



Even though this isn't Gyaru inspired at all, I just wanted to try it ❤.

1. Before starting, use foundation (bb cream) and concealer to have a perfect flawed face and put it your most dolly circle lens. Then make your eyebrows bigger for that "younger" look.

(Use a champangne/light color for your eyelid)

2. Brush on the eye shadow up to your crease line.

Use a dark brown eyeshadow next

3. Use the dark brown eye shadow to darken your lower lash line.

4. Now draw in your eyeliner with a black gel or liner (a short wing)

5. Use the gel/liner to draw in halfway of your lower lash line

6. Curl and use mascara (if using false eyelashes, use very natural ones, (I didn't have any))

Use a highlighter

7. Highlight your cheekbones, forehead, nose bridge, cupids bow, and inner corner of your eyes for a more flawless look.

8. I didn't have a picture for this step but use a light pink gloss or a gradient lipstain for a "ulzzang" look.

The Result:

My reaction to this makeup was that it was tooooo natural for me. I perfer gyaru makeup. But it wasn't too bad to try out. 

But compared to this makeup/look:

I'll always love gyaru makeup ❤.

So what do you guys think of my inspired look? Does it fit me or not? Which one do you like better? Ulzzang or Gyaru?

I'll be back tomorrow!! Have a great day!! 


  1. Love your makeup tutorial. It's very wearable.

    1. Thank you so much! I thought It might be confusing haha

  2. i love the tutorial and the final look! btw i love your blog! so much gyuaru inspired posts :D

    followed you!xoxo

  3. I Looveee Tokidoki! Esp the makeup product line. I'm so depressed its now gone T.T
    Love this look as well!

    Thanks so much for following my blog as well! I just followed back! =D
    Don't make yourself a stranger! <3

    1. I know! I'm so sad no more Tokidoki makeup. And thanks! <3

  4. Your Blog is really cool and sweet and the Make-up is soooo cool!!!
    I follow you back! ^-^ <3<3

  5. This was a nice tuto. I suck badly with make u, I think i will use some of this advice altho I might not be the ulzzang type :)
    x, Lara

    1. haha I don't think i'm the ulzzang type either XD

  6. Wah I love your make-up Tutorial! *-* Thanks for sharing :3 you are so pretty!
    I like your blog (^▽^)

    Thank you very much for your comment and following <3


  7. I think Ulzzang suits you better. It gives you that sweet and innocent look! Nice tutorial! ^ ^

  8. I think you look really cute with the ulzzang look! Also, what are your grey lenses called? They look quite natural. Thanks ^^

  9. heii... this tutorial look easy i will try at home.
    you both are cutie.

    Susan x

  10. can i ask?? what's the name of that ulzzang girl in second pcture you post?? if you dont mind ^_^