January 22, 2013

▧ Uwajimaya/ Beauty Haul ▨

Hello!! It's Jennifer back with another haul!! I hope you all had a good long weekend. I know I did because I was in Oregon!! I rode the train early in the morning so Vicky and I could have the rest of the day to hang out (But that's a different post). This post is just to show you guys the stuff I got during the weekend. 

On Saturday I went to Ulta and Nordstrom Rack. I love going to Ulta becuase usually I have a coupon or gift card to that place. And Nordstrom Rack they have really good deals on brand name make up. 
From Ulta I got the new Nicki Minaj perfume "Pink Friday". 
This perfume smells so good! It smells like flowers and candy to me, so I had to buy it   

From Nordstrom Rack I bought an Urban Decay eyeshadow primer. I have their other one in "Sin" so I decided to get the other one (Vicky got on too). They are normally about $18, but It was only about $8!

Next is Uwajimaya.

Even though I went last weekend, I had to go again!!! And I'm so glad I did because they had POPIN COOKIN!!!!!      They were each about 5-6$. Whenever I saw them online they were about $10 so I was really happy. I've always wanted to try Popin Cookin!!

(Omg!!!!   )

I only bought two. One was the Donut one:

And The bento one:

I also did buy some real food as well
I love curry!! I also bought some rice seasoning   

Next on the haul is some cute Sanrio pins I bought for about $1.50. I've lately been loving My Melody (hence my phone case) and Cinnamoroll (So cute!!)

And my last purchase is my favorite out of everything I bought. It's the Liz Lisa magazine     

This magazine was about $25, but it was totally worth it. I love this magazine so much because it also came with a bag!

Look how cute this bag is. It's even cuter because it's combined with My Melody! This was a great find (I thought they would be sold out). I absolutely love Liz Lisa stuff.

Overall, I'm very happy with all of the stuff I bought in Oregon, So i'm really happy I went. See you later with another post     


  1. Ow, I would love that Nicki Minaj perfume. I'm not a huge fan of Liz Liza but THAT bag sure is adorable :3
    x, Lara

  2. Kawaii! So cute. I love Liz Lisa <3

  3. Lucky you! I love Nicki Minaj hahah. & I'm jealous that they sell Liz lisa magazines there :( they dont sell anything of that here where i live ppfffhhhoeeeee, the bag is super cute too! And i always wanted to try popin cooking i didnt know it was called like that but ive always seen these things on the internet-youtube and it looks so cuteeeee to make.

    Great stuff you got ^^

    1. Thanks! You should really try popin cookin. Its so fun to make <3

  4. Wah, the Liz Lisa bag is so cute! Is it a tote?

  5. I'm gonna get my Royal Rose Lizlisa Fukubukuro bag really soon in the mail ^_^ and I also bought some lizlisa clothes from Japan too :) please check out my blog.