February 12, 2013

•• Another Popin Cookin Tutorial ••

Hey everyone!! Its Jennifer back with another post. This time, as you can see by the title, is another popin cookin tutorial. I picked this up when I went to Uwajimaya a couple weeks ago. This was about $6 so not too pricey. This took about 30 minutes to do. I had a lot of fun with this so check out my final result. 

Step 1
Open the box. Inside the box contains all of your supplies/materials. 
(The packaging is so cute I didn't want to cut it open :O)

Step 2
Lay out your materials/supplies. 
(I always like to lay out everything to see if everything is there and what i'm working with)
In this package you have:
-plastic mold
-strawberry and vanilla icing powder (pink and blue)
-small and big cake powder (orange and yellow)
-strawberry jelly powder(red)
-frosting bag
-mixing spoon
You will need:
-room temp. water

Step 3
Take a pair of scissors and cut off the water strawberry mold
(You'll have three separate pieces)

Step 4
Take the yellow packet which contains the large cake mix and pour it in the larger mold. Use your plastic cup for water and mix in two of these and mix till well stirred.

Step 5
Mix the small cake mix (orange packet) in the smaller mold. Use only one cup of your water mold and mix till well stirred. This is what is should look like when both are done.

Step 6
Microwave your cakes for 50 seconds (or until cakes are solid). Take out the cakes out of the mold and let cool for 10-20 seconds.

Step 7
While the cakes are cooling,clean out your cake molds. Then take your red packet  which contains the strawberry jelly and pour it in the smaller mold.

Step 8
Stir in a cup from your water mold and stir until well mixed.
(color should be a bright red)

Step 9
Take your plastic piece that looks like it has 4 triangle molds and use your spoon to spoon in the red jelly.
(They will solidify so be quick)

Take your plastic that had everything and cut it flat out. Find the strawberry side and pour the rest of your strawberry jelly onto it. (Make different shapes. I made hearts)

Step 10
Now take your blue and pink packets. Use the large mold for your vanilla and the small mold for your strawberry.

Step 11
Stir in 2 cups of your water in the vanilla frosting and 1 in the strawberry frosting. Stir until well mixed. Consistency should be smooth
(Tip clean out the strawberry jelly in the small mold. I didn't haha)

Step 12
This is the fun part!! 
Use your spoon to put the vanilla frosting on your cakes. 
(Doesn't have to be perfect)

Step 13
Put your strawberry frosting in the your icing bag. 

Twist your bag so you don't have any coming out. Then cut a small hold at the end so your frosting can come out.

Step 14
Ice on your decorations 

Step 15
I took one of my strawberry jelly hearts and put it on the top of my cake. 
(There are various ways to decorate this cute little cake ❤)

Step 16
Take out your triangle strawberry jelly molds

Decorate them on your cake

Final Step!

Take out toppings

Decorate them on your cake!

And your done!!!!! 

I had so much fun making this!!! This cake is so cute haha. I didn't try it but I had my bf and his brother try it and they said it was "okay" lol. I think its just for making, and  really for trying . What do you guys think? Have you tried this one?

I have one more popin cookin to do, so expect that soon 


  1. I think it's a funny way to eat candy *_*! You look really pretty in the last picture!

  2. That is the cutest little cake ever! And you're so pretty <3

  3. This looks like so much fun!

  4. *o* in Italy doesn't exist these things!
    It looks a funny way to prepare cakes and sweet! ♥

    1. oh no! You can find them online too :)
      It's really fun :D

  5. Thanks for your lovely comment ; ) your blog seems really iinteresting and you're both such cute girls <3<3

  6. Aahh i also wanna make these things, Can you buy them somewhere online XD?
    It does look very yummy to meeee!

    xo asnfashion.blogspot.com

    1. Yes you can! You can find them all over online like ebay.
      You should try it!

  7. hahaha so fun! they should sell this snack here xD

    visit my blog ^^

  8. look like yummy ^ O ^

  9. Whoa it looks so cute!♥
    But you say it wasn't too yummy?
    Bohooo what a shame :(

  10. Those lenses are so pretty! They match your hair really well :D
    Wow the cake looks difficult to make, I think you did a great job~~


  11. omg the cake is sooo cute! i really want to try it ♥