April 1, 2013

(。・ω・。) Kawaii Girl's Party Event (。・ω・。)

Warning: Large Picture Post

It is soo good to finally blog about an exciting event that I recently attended!! ❤ The event was called Kawaii Girl's Party.  

(Our banner)

This event was to bring attention to the word "kawaii" and bring Japanese brands to America so that we can purchase them. Our event was outside so that we could ask people who were fashionable about what they feel about gyaru brands and what type of brands that they liked. Many of them loved Liz Lisa!! So hopefully Liz Lisa will come soon! This event wasn't just about gyaru, it was about any type of cute Japanese fashion such as Lolita, decora, cosplay, harajuku fashion and etc. 

(Our badge)

We had to dress kawaii and wear gyaru brand clothes. I went to the event with Yumi and we both didn't own any gyaru clothing. So the kind Danyy from Gal Vip lent us her shirts (which were d.i.a) and then later let us keep them!! 
(I loveeee the shirt ❤)

The beautiful Yumi and Danyy! 

I also did mine and Yumi's nails for the event 


Another part of this event was the fashion show! Previously we were going to be modeling Japanese brands but they weren't able to (bad planning). Instead we modeled off our clothes instead. There were soooo many cute girls there. A majority of them were all Japanese. Warning! From this point on are a lot of street snaps of kawaii girls. On another note, I did ask these girl's their name but I've now forgotten (so sorry).

(This girl was into gyaru!! She loved Liz Lisa too and owns her own deco den site. She also has a Facebook page to see her stuff  at Angel Cake Deco. Her stuff is so freaking kawaii!!)

Loove her bag 

Her shoes! 

(She was soo Kawaii)
(Her beautiful gel nails)

(Kawaii earrings!)

Also! The same weekend of the event, was also Sakura-Con! So there were many cosplayers.

(They were alpacas! Kawaii!)

(This girl's name was Shion. She was super nice and super kawaii)

(Love her shoes too ❤)

During the event, there were some girl's who had planned a dance to a popular Japanese song ( I forgot the song) But they were really kawaii.

We took a little break with some bubble tea because it was sooo hot!

(Soo oishii!)

(random pic of me XD)


(Loved her style)

(Their shoes were so kawaii)

(The director of the event was Ken. Which someone thought he was cute)

❤ I loved their cases!! 

(Two of the helpers)

(Lots of cute Lolitas)

(More pics!)

(Loved this Sanrio dress)

(This girl was beyond kawaii. She is a Japanese model and was also a director in this event. I loved her style)

(He was so adorable!)

(Our pic with Shion!)

(Last pic of us)

Overall I really liked this event. I was expecting it to be different but oh well. It was really nice meeting Danyy because she's super nice. We managed to meet some other gyaru girls too. We're hopefully planning another event, so if you live in Washington please let me know so you can be part of this. I was soo tired but it was worth it. I'm excited to meet up with these girls again 


  1. Wow! Looks like you had so much fun!!


  2. Someone thought he was fun huh?
    YOU AIN'T FUNNY >///<

  3. awesome event ; DD i love this bag too * O * !!!!

  4. Looks like so much fun~
    Your nails look amazing!

  5. Awesome event! I wished we had something similar here... thank you so much for this nice, inspirational post (^v^)

    1. I was lucky to go to something like this. We never do here. Hopefully one day for you too :)

  6. This looked like so much fun! I really like your nails and everyones shoes are sooo pretty *o*

  7. Wow! Everything looks so cute~

  8. oh really interesting to hear about that event :) i hope it was a success and that it brings the japanese brands to america :)


  9. looks like so much fun! i wish i could have been there, too bad you guys aren't in cali or i'm not in washington. lol. glad to see that u guys are having events like this :)

    we need more people like you!

    xoxo Sarah

    1. Hopefully this will spread all over the country. Thanks :D

  10. I saw you! I recognized Dany, but I thought you also looked really familiar, and now I remember hahaha! I really liked your makeup~ and all of you looked so pretty in the fashion show