April 3, 2013

[SPONSORED] LANDBIS Big Eye Dual-use Eyeliner Review (⊙ヮ⊙)

 How was everyone's Easter weekend?!!!!! :D 

I didn't get no eggs (´∩`。) sad sad but I did get to tan a little and got to play in the water ( ´ ▽ ` ). I know Jennifer had super fun with her Kawaii Club she did this past weekend, oh I wish I could've been there for it too!! So many cute girls and their outfits are soooooo KAWAII! If you wanna read about it check it out right here

I did a little shopping this weekend as well to find a cute bikini for this warm-hot spring weather but DAMN why they so expensive?!!  o(-`д´- 。) I mean it's just a thin little piece of clothing, why you gotta cost more than a tank top??? Aigoo I don't even know. I just ended up buying a super cute bow tank and a pair of skinny(I forgot to take pictures of hehe). I also bought some new nail polishes from wet n wild, a fast drying top coat from the inn and  baby lips in the color pink wink? Smells like pink bubble gum.
On to the review!!!

The people at KKCenterhk were kind enough to sponsor a product for me to review for you guys and I picked the Landbis Big Eye Dual-use Eyeliner!! Phew such a long name (°ヘ°) 

Price: $14.74
Color: Black
Capacity: 3g
Size: 8mm x 8mm x 156mm
[ front and back of the case ]
[ what it looks like ]
[ felt pen side and cream pen side ]

I really like the design on the pen. A cute hot pink on black 

For this part I swatched both sides of the liner on my hand(left is the cream and right is the felt). The picture underneath I splashed water on both and then ran my finger through the middle.
It's very disappointing because on the package it says SUPER waterproof but as you can see, it's not so waterproof.

I went and applied it onto my eyes to test it out.

[ felt pen on left and cream on right ]

Now lets see, on the box it says PURE BLACK EYELINER PEN but the only side that's pure black is the cream side. For the felt pen side, not so dark and as I was applying it was already starting to dry out on me. No good.

I did two more tests with this liner. First I ran my finger over the liners with medium pressure to see the smudgy-ness of it.

 Now I had my finger wet with water and ran it over the liner.

Now I did try to wear this all day on Saturday just to see if it really was 24 hour long lasting as it says on the cover. I applied this around 12pm, went out and it was a really sunny day like about 70+ degrees out. And by the time I had stopped to check my makeup at around 1:40ish the eyeliner had already smudged down my face!!! So embarrassing especially since I was out in public and there was so many people walking about. I didn't take a picture of it because I just took it off after seeing it but here is what it did look like that day after only like an hour and a half wear. Not 24 hours at all!!

✖I really like the color and the spirally design on the liner. It's pink so a really good way to get girls to buy it.
✖I like how it's dual use. Makes it easier on you with one less item to have in your bag. 
✖Smooth and easy application unless it's dried out then not so easy.
✖Felt pen side is really pointy so really good for getting that pointy cat eye look.

✖No. Really expensive for an eyeliner.
✖Doesn't do what it says it does in the info.

You may chose to buy this liner from there if you want. Your experience with it might be a bit different than mine, hopefully. KKCenterhk not only sells makeup stuff but they also sell other items like wigs and clothes, makeup, nails care and other health and beauty items. So do go check out the store and browse and just see what might interest you to buy from them!!!

Bye bye til next time MINA-SAN~!



  1. Awww, such a bummer that this doesn't last long!

    1. I know!! I was hoping that it would. Such a waste of a product now ;0

  2. ...and the search for the perfect eyeliner continues!

    It's unfortunate that it didn't last very long/well. I think smudges are my biggest no-no for eyeliners. I don't mind redrawing as much as I mind trying to remove smudges. :( Thanks for the review! :D

    1. You're welcome :)
      I hate smudges too, it just ruins the whole look ;0

  3. It's a shame it doesn't do what it says it will do!
    But thanks for the review !!


  4. i love bubble gum ^ O ^ beautifull make up ; D

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    1. Yaaay for new follower!! I'll love to check out your blog :)
      Thank you for reading the blog

  6. Woow! nice circle lenses ♥ and also beautiful inspirative blog ^^

  7. Your circle lens are so cool!