May 6, 2013

♕♕ Geo Super Size Nudy Brown Lens Review [SPONSORED] ♕♕

The lovely Loveshoppingholics, sent me one of my favorite line of lenses to review!♥. You can check out my review on the grey ones here.

(Always cute ♥)

 Origin: Korea
 Diameter : 14.8mm

 Water Content : 38%
 Base Curve : 8.6mm
 Life Span : 1 year disposal


Color: ♥ (5/5)
I love this brown color. It's almost a golden brown color!! So pretty 

Design: ♥ (5/5)
The design is sooo pretty. I love the effect it gives of a "ring" in the desgin.

Enlargement: ♥ (5/5)
Loooooove the dark ring on these lenses so much for the dolly effect.

Comfort: ✖ (3/5)
I will admit that these aren't the most comfortable. They move a little in my eye and do tend to dry up the longer I wear them. But if you keep them moisturized with eye drops, you'll be fine 

Overall: ✖ (4/5)
These would be a perfect 5/5 if they were more comfortable. But I love them so much, I wear them still. Try them out!!!

I hope you all liked this review. If you want to buy  these lenses, they're only about $20 from loveshoppingholics. We also have a discount that you can use for $2 off a pair (look at our sidebar for code). Thank you again loveshoppingholics for these super kawaii lenses. Also please join our giveaway that ends May 31st. 

Now here are some pics 


  1. they look so pretty!

  2. Love these lenses,I've been searching for some with this pattern but in at least 14.5 and these are perfect! + they seem to blend in really well too^^ I like your makeup here too

    1. Thank you!! They are such a great pair to have :D

  3. you've been nominated! for the versatile award!

  4. Oh really pretty tha lens looks pretty natural on you!