May 13, 2013

[SPONSORED] ♪┌ TwoFace Mall Black Pearl Bubble Mask ┘♪

Hello lovelies!! Here is a sponsored post for TwoFace Mall

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For the item, I got: Gem Miracle Black Pearl O2 Bubble Mask from the brand The Saem - $21.95USD

Oxygen bubble(O2) and black pearl brightening + detoxing + exfoliating & waste elimination + pore tightening + skin luster! A wash-off type mask with 5 effects, and anti-stress & brightening function. 
Brilliant black pearl of Tahiti / Peral powder. 
It provides a systematic and continuous supply of nutrition and moisture to damaged skin and has excellent whitening effects. 
All while controlling the oil/water balance and the metabolism of the skin to maintain transparency and resiliency. 
Also, increase skin luster Giga-White With 7 organically grown herbal ingredients, it is excellent for exfoliating and waste adsorption, and alleviates pigment deposit and improves skin tone for a brightening effect. 
Papaya extracts. 
A nontoxic substance with excellent exfoliating effects by containing natural protease & papain, makes it the most effective natural agent for exfoliating care.

It comes in an easy pump
You can definitely see the black pearls that helps with the exfoliating

Time to put it into action!!

 Make sure your skin has been washed and dried
 Squirt about a teaspoon or just enough to cover your face
 After you apply, it should start to immediately create foams
Once it starts foaming go right on ahead and rub it onto your skin
Wash off after the massaging and you're done!

Now this product isn't an instant whitening kinda product if that's what you're in to. This product definitely takes time to brighten your skin tone. But what I do like is that it really makes my skin a little tighter and it feels soft and clean!!

 Day 1
 Day 3
Day 7

Tighter skin
Whiter skin
Smells good
Packaging is pretty

Gradual whitening

4.5 / 5

All in all I like this product. Even though it takes a while to brighten your skin tone I think that's better because you can control how much whiter you want your skin to become. For the smell of the product, if you've ever used the etude house essential facial, that's what I think it smells like. Besides just the whitening, the skin tightening is also good especially for us gals who are growing more older or those of you students staying up long hours cramming for tests or just one of them plain ol' bloggers staying up all night reading blogs. 

If you like the review on this item then always feel free to head on over to Twoface Mall and purchase your own!!!

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  1. Wow even though it took 7 days for a difference to show, the product seems amazing!

    1. Thank you beauty :3
      Although white skin is nice I prefer tanned skin still

  2. Wow. Using photoshop to brighten your skin to show the supposed "whitening"(i.e. bullshit) effect is not misleading at all!!

    You just made the product seem a 100x shofdier than it provabky is. Not to mention you don't know snything about skincare or how dangetous products that claim to whiten or brighten can be.

    Besides sloughing dead skin what ingredients in this are actually useful and have a good amount of research behind them?
    At least try to be honest.

    1. I don't know what you're going on about but I actually took time to test this product out that's why I am just now blogging about it. And sorry but I don't ever Photoshop any items that I do reviews on. I'm sorry you have such poor eyesight to tell what's actually photoshopped and what's not. If skin whitening is so dangerous then don't do it!

  3. You look so pretty! This product seems really good :D

  4. I don't know this would work so well! I think I may have to grab this very soon :D