June 24, 2014

Gyaru Eyemake

Hi lovelies!

It's so sad to here that MOST of the popular gyaru mags are shutting down! What has happened to the gyaru community!? All of these toning down looks is destroying the gyaru looks that I loveeee. I mean I do them sometimes but putting on heavy gyaru makeup is what makes me feel the most gal, if ya understand what I mean. But yes, goodbye to Egg, the one that started it all and Ageha and etc. and hopefully one day they will come back to us gals!!!

Just something to remember by and that gyaru will never die, here's a gyaru eyemake that I've been doing since I first started/known about gyaru. It's an inspired/copy of my favorite ex-gal, Egg model Kanako Kawabata!! My bae 4evah!

My easy 2 step eye look:
  • droopy eye shape
  • make the arch on the center top of lid higher
  • either draw in the thicker outer part of the bottom liner or smudging it with a black shadow
  • apply false lashes
And that's about it!

Who was your guy's first gal inspo?? Do tell and why you love them!! And don't forget to join my giveaway!


  1. Oh very beautiful makeup!
    Dolly and lovely!


  2. Really?Egg is shutting down? What are the other gyaru mags that also shutting down? It's really sad T_T

    1. Most of the main like egg are shutting down but the other mags like popteen is still running but it's a more toned down and simple look and not so much gyaru anymore. It really is sad