September 7, 2014

Imo Camera Strap Review

Today I wanted to introduce to you to this cool little business online that sells really good quality camera straps!! And when I say good they're super thick and sturdy and have amazing designs. The store is called...
Imo is a store based in Hong Kong so if you're a bit skeptical about shops from there, don't be about this one! Their line ranges from mostly camera straps but they do have a few items for tablets and lenses. And I heard they'll be making bags soon too.
It comes super cute in this zip plastic bag. Comes with a little card about their shop as well.

Strap: White Navajo
Price: USD$29
I love these straps!! I love the tribal like design, it just looks so simple and clean. The back side is just a plain black. The straps are pretty thick and it fits comfortably on your neck. The brown leathery(fake) part makes a great accent to the white. It is super easy to loop the strap onto your camera and has 2-3 stopper(not sure what they're called) that helps the strap stay put so it doesn't slip and become undone. And I get so scared when that does happen because it did once to the original strap that my nikon came with, luckily I caught it before it fell off my neck. As for the buckles, I think if you decide to buy a few more pair of straps it'll be easier to swap the design to match the mood or theme you may be feeling that day.

All in all I think the strap just makes my plain black camera even cuter and makes me want to use it even more!! So go check out imo for some cute/cool designed straps for your big dslr or if you just have a little digital one they have straps for those too.

See ya in the next post!!


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