November 23, 2015

Bad First Hair Salon Experience

Like what the title states, I had my first bad hair experience at a salon!!

If you've seen my more recent videos you can see my hair has gone blonde again. Although I don't think any of you could tell what it looked like before haha. I'll input a photo but what my hair basically almost was an ombre/balayage with a third blonde starting at the tip, to a third light brown in the middle section of my hair to my dark brown roots. Yes, it's kinda of a crazy looking combo! The blonde part of my hair has been growing out for a year and hasn't been bleached since that but has been boxed dyed blonde for root touch ups.

Here is before picture of what it used to be:
I know there's a filter but you can tell from what I described above that there is three different color going on on my head.

Reason why I went to the salon? It was a birthday gift for myself! And since my friend's birthday was two days before mine, we decided to get our hair done together! My friend found this salon, we'll call them "K", while browsing online because we weren't sure what salon to go to. And their website had pictures of their salon and it looked really nice!! Also on their page it showed their prices and for what I was hoping to get, which was a bleach and tone, it was about $80-100 which was a perfect price range for my budget. So we scheduled a consultation with K. Consultation day comes and we're talking to our hairstylists about what we wanted done. I had told my stylist I wanted it blonde so it matches the tips of my blonde that I already have and I just wanted one whole color. She seemed to understand what I kind of wanted so I was happy. But then I asked her what the price would come out to be and she said.......around $200-250.................bitch say what?!!! I would understand if my hair was longer and you needed to use more product but geez, that's crazy. As for my friend she was getting an ombre and and a trim her price estimate was $200 but her hair was a bit longer than mine and usually prices for ombre are higher.

Ok, so the day comes and we're getting our hair done. Everything is going good and I am in love with the blonde that it is at but it wasn't done yet...
After the toning and rinsing was finished, she goes and blow dry my hair was she finished I was turned around to see it and no lie I loved it! It was a dirty, ashy blonde. Here's a before and after shot she took:
It's a very nice blonde I was happy that I no longer had any roots and multiple hair colors!! Now the final price came out to be $240!!! AND the MINIMUM tip started at $25........ F^*@!!!! I have no idea what she is even actually charging me and I wish I would've asked but, damn, I just didn't question it! While my friend was only charged $210.....

Once we had left I was really feeling my hair. It was ashy, and cute and so gyaru! I was just overall happy that it was just blonde again! But I was so blinded by it that I didn't see the bad in it.

Two days later I finally took a longer look at my hair in the mirror and that's when I saw it, my hair was not one color as promised! Although I already noticed that my tips were waaay blonde/platinum then the rest, no biggie. Pulling up the top half of my head it's perfect, even colored but the rest of the hair, not including the tips, was friggin not blonde!!! Did not match at all! Was still darker then the rest of my top half. I was so disappointed at the service and the fact that we had a consultation to discuss what I wanted but I had gotten something else and it wasn't even evenly matched and toned correctly, and the price was ridiculous!! For that price I would've expected a way better job!

So yes, for my very first time going into a salon and getting my hair done, horrible experience! Not saying I won't ever go again to a salon but I'll just do more research. And never going to K again!! And the location of this salon is a little bit passed downtown Portland over by the fancy mac and urban outfitters area. But if you've been there and do like it there then good for you! I won't disclose the name of the salon but if you are in the area and is looking for salon's and want to know which one I went to then go ahead and just shoot me up with an email.

Hope you enjoyed my bad experience!

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  1. I hate going to hair salons too~! Whenever I get it cut, they cut it too short or unevenly.