November 6, 2015

Super Long Hiatus

Say whuuuuuuu~

Being back on here feels all so strange to me again!
It's been so long since I've gotten back into this whole blogging and beauty scene again and just posting it online for you guys to see. I really congrats those who has stayed and are always constantly blogging. Me, I'm distracted way too easily!! But I am back!

Hopefully I will end up doing more blog posts again!

Everything this past year has been spiraling and crashing and argh! So many bad things happening in my life. It was hard to kind of find some help since I don't really like asking for any type of help. Why?? I just think that I can handle my own troubles and problems but this time around I definitely needed a lot!

Thankfully I had supportive friends and things have gotten a whole lot better!!! YAAAAAY!

I just recently moved too! And with that I have misplaced a few of my belongings like my makeup!! I've uploaded two new videos up on my channel! So go check them out for sure! And in the mean time I will try to find my makeup or get some new ones to play with so I can start this blog up again!

Happy late Halloween!
What were our costumes this year and if you went trick or treating or not!

Christmas is coming around soon!
But even sooner is BLACK FRIDAY!! Let me know if you guys will be participating in it. I probably will for some free gift cards hehe.

Alrighty, go check out my recent videos on my youtube channel and I will be back with a post soon!

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  1. It's great to see you back~! I'm looking forward to reading more from you <33