July 18, 2011

◇Barbie Lense Review◇

Yes Barbie lenses! Ok so I got my first pair Super Nudy Pink lenses from one of my friend around November of last year and they were INCREDIBLE! It irritated my eyes a bit at first because I've never really worn contacts before so these were my first. And I must say they made a very big difference! First day I wore them to school everyone noticed how much bigger they had gotten. The perfect gyaru eyes ;D  but sadly I've broken mine after 7 months of uses. I was gonna go hang with one of my buds and I wore them after a month of not wearing them and stupid didn't think about bringing the case because I thought my eyes were gonna be fine. After I've already left the house it started to irritate and me without bringing the case I toss them into my bag! When I finally get home to check them one of them had cracked in half D;  now I have no more lenses. Hopefully I'll get new ones in a few month or so ;D

Me with mine on before it broke.


  1. lenses look goood on youu <3 :3


  2. you girls have such a cute header! nice blog ladies :3
    i'm keeping an eye on it from now on n.n
    xoxo Monstros no Armário