July 18, 2011

☆♪ギャル Stops♪☆

Some places/things gyaru models like in Japan:
1. 109 Shibuya
  • Has tons of clothing/accessories stores
  • There's even restuarants inside
2. Tapiking
  • A little shop on Shibuya where you can buy bubble tea(an iced-blended drink that comes in many flavors, with or without tapioca)
3. Eggnam
  • A purikura shop with cute hats/accessories that you can put on while taking your pictures
  • It's also a shop that sell cute gyaru essentials
  • There's a little area where you can do your hair and make up

Places in the US that can replace the gyaru shops in Japan:
1. Forever21
  • Sells cute, frilly clothes, shoes, accessories, make up and eyelashes
2. H&M
  • Also sells cute clothes, shoes and accessories
3. Papaya
  • Sells tons of cute, girly, frilly clothes!
4. Charlotte Russe
  • Some gyaru type clothes
  • Great gyaru heels and boots and accessories
5. Target
  • There's some gyaru clothings
  • Sells cheap make up!
6. Sephora
  • Sells tons of make up and perfume
7. Walmart
  • Again some cute clothings
  • Cheap make up

But obviously there's more places but these are just the one's I know about. Go check them out :D

1 comment:

  1. Good entry! I'm from Spain but here there are some of the shops you mentioned!There is a Forever21 but not in my city...
    When I go back to Tokyo I'll visit Eggnam, I didn't know about that place, thank you! ;D