July 15, 2011

♪♥♫◦°°◦°°◦♫♥♪ Gyaru Introduction ♪♥♫◦°°◦°°◦♫♥♪

In case anyone seeing this doesn't know what gyaru (ギャル) is, its pretty much a gal/guy (mostly girls) that have the bleached hair thats curly, tan skin, are really thin, have great fashion, and the best 3d nail art ever. The fashion comes from Japan, and have inspired many many people across the world to try and be ギャル. You can find gyaru tutorials all over youtube, so go check it out if you don't know. There are also different types of ギャル. One of them is called, ganguro. Ganguro is mostly just a gal with a fake deep tan and  bleached hair. They where white makeup on their dark tan so that it stands out a lot. Many people do this fashion. Yamanba and Manba also come from Ganguro, but Yamanba and Manba are more extreme then Ganguro. Y&M use a lot more white makeup, glue fake jewels on their skin, have multicolored hair and accesorize. One other type is Himegyaru. Himegyaru is a gal that dresses like a princess. They bleach their hair, and wear very cute clothes. I was first introduced to ギャルafter I came back from Japan in August 2009. I stayed there for about a month as an exchange student. I had no clue what ギャル was then, but I saw the fashion everywhere. I was very curious, so when I came back to America, I eventually figured out what it was and it inspired me to become like it! After buying some ギャル magazines from Uwajimaya(popteen and egg)  and watching many tutorials on it, I started it off with bleaching my dark hair, to a very light, yellow, blonde. But then I went through a series of phases of dying my hair back to dark, then back to blonde. But now, my hair is currently a light brown, but that could be changing soon. My little ギャル sister, Vicky is also a ギャル follower and has also gone through a series of dying her hair. It was a dark/orange color, then a two tone color of half blonde and half of her dark/orange color. Then it was dyed back to black, but now just recently, it is a two tone again of black and blonde (yay!). But anyways, this blog is dedicated to Vicky and mine's obsession with ギャル, by taking pictures of our ギャルselves, ギャル models, and anything else that is ギャル! I hope you enjoy this blog, and feel free to ask any questions. ~Jennifer <3 <3


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