July 15, 2011

❤❤ Gyaru Nails Introduction(。◕‿◕。) ❤❤

So everyone knows that Vicky and I, are obsessed with gyaru nail art. I have been making my own gyaru nails for two years now. When I first began, it wasn't that amazing, but it still interested people. After finding little charms to add, I began making more noticable 3d nails. This impressed even more people. I have developed into a nail artist, and have even done other people's nails when I was in high school. But anyways, its very hard to look for nail art elements such as, rhinestones, jewelry nail decoration, metal nail decoration, pearl nail decoration, and cute little figurines that make nails become gyaru. I have a medium size nail polish/nail decoration collection from over the years. Since i've been in Korea, I found rhinestones and nail stickers from Etude House! I was pretty suprised that they sold this stuff, and I can't wait to go back to America to start making gyaru nails. I havn't worn any fake nails for a whole month! Usually I wear fake nails all the time, which have damaged my nails as well. Vicky has been making her own gyaru nails as well. Before, I would make them for her, but she's been making pretty cute ones herself.  Anyways! Here's the pic of my new nail deco!!

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