July 17, 2011

♪❤ Purikura ❤♪

Purikura or Puri is the Japanese obsession of taking pictures in a photobooth where you can pick your backgrounds then do any type of pose. Then after, you go into the a booth right next door to decorate your pictures. The decorating comes in a variety of sparkles, phrases, frames, accessories, writing styles, and much more. Purikura is very essential to gyaru gals because they love the camera. The poses are usually really cute, and done with friends. After decorating the pictures, they are printed off into mini versions of the pictures and are on a sticker sheet so you can cut them and stick anywhere or give to anyone. Gyaru gals have tons of purikura and have them everywhere. Purikura is not that expensive either (about 4$) and can be found at most malls in Japan (in the game/arcade area). Purikura is very popular, so don't take too long on decorating your pictures, because sometimes you have a time limit.  Unfortunantly there aren't that many Purikura booths in America but there are some ( I don't know where though). There are even some in S. Korea, but its not as near as popular as it is in Japan.

But fortunantly! There is a website that lets you decorate your pictures into a purikura. The website is called puricute.com and it lets your decorate your pics with a variety of things. Here's an example of one of the ones I just did. Its totally free!! And they have contests that you can enter to win free stuff. have fun! ♪ ❤


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