August 1, 2011

◇Etude House Petite Darling Eyes Review◇

So as you know Jennifer just got back from Korea and she brought back me some cosmetic samples. She got me a pair of the etude house petite darling cream eyeshadow and it is sooo sparkly!! She was also nice enough to buy me this really cute lip balm I saw on the etude house page. SUPER CUTE!!

 Jennifer has on the tannish/brown cream shadow on and I have on the yellow cream shadow on.

 And this is the super cute lip balm she got me <3 it smells like peaches and it's so glossy! It also comes with different flavors with it's own cute little animals.


  1. Pretty.<3(:

  2. Love your background so many gyarus!! And that panda lip balm is super kawaii. Just followed you guys, mind following back? :D

  3. so cute ^^

    (please check out my blog and follow me)

  4. Gorgeous colors~ I have the same balm too! Smells heavenly -v-

    Got yourself a new follower! ^^

  5. Awww thanks for following <3 Lol I would love to get more lip balm too