August 7, 2011

♪♥♫Upcoming blogs!!!♪♥♫

So I know there havn't been any new blogs for a little while, but I have good news!! There will be new nail pictures that I have made, I just recieved my first pair of Geo Super Nudy Gray(XCH-625) circlelens; so a review will be coming up real soon, and I'm also getting my very own latop, this up coming week! This means that I will be able to update the blogs much more frequently so that  you all can see gyaru pics!! Thanks for being patient, but the waiting is almost over!! ♥♥♥ P.S. I think I will be changing the background of this blog soon, just cause it is a little distracting, but I really like all the gyaru heads, but hopfully I can make a new background that will be even more gyaru! ♥

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