August 16, 2011

☼ ☀ Sunny Days in August ☼ ☀

On the west coast, it does not feel like summer at all! Its sunny but, freezing cold here. But this week, i've been in Washington to do some college things. I've had to stay at my Dad's house throughout the day, and have nothing to do. So today I took a bunch of pictures cause it's so sunny!! Its a lot warmer up here then in Oregon. Pretty soon summer will be over, and then Vicky and I will be going back to school. I'm very sure that this blog will be alive still (unless we're really busy). Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer! 

(Without Circle Lens)

(Circle Lens!! And My "Kanako" Style Nails)

(No Circle Lens)

(Serious Face!)♪ ♫ ♬


  1. What, you go to school in Washington? Which city?

    I can't believe how fast it takes to travel to Washington and Oregon because I went to the mall there lat week. haha

  2. I love the weather in washington! I wish it was colder here Dx 100+ degrees here everyday

  3. @Sia, I'm going to college in near Tacoma, in a city called Puyallup. I'm just happy it only takes a couple of hours to get from Oregon to Washington, and vice versa :D

    @LemonberryLulu, I can't believe its that hot where you live!! It was like that in Korea too!!