August 17, 2011


So as in one of Jennifer's post about decoden, she posted her deco mirror and lash case and her nails. Now it's my turn to show you my decoden and my deco nails!!! Don't be scared to try something new like decoden nails hehe <3
My deco iPod Touch :3 with my jingly bean bun key chain [without flash]
[with flash] Yes it's super bright hehehe
TADAAA!! And here are my deco nails! ;D nice right?? right? My middle finger was inspired by one of Kanako's nail design, and the rests are just random. I think these are the longest nails I've ever worn/made. Lol kind of hard to type too.

If you like the above then go out and start decoden-ing Lol :D


  1. heehee pretty love it totally <3

  2. Thanks so much for the comment <33

    I so love ur stuff, it all looks so cute!! Wish Holland sells more things like that =(

  3. @Maria: Aww how about online? It's ok just improvise