September 17, 2011

♪EOTD♫ ♬

It's finally the weekend and as a senior you're supposed to be out partying BUT me on the other hand, it's the other way around. I did all my partying freshman all through junior year now it's time to step up and study!! Lets get down to it!! I had the inspiration of good and evil but it didn't come out as good as I had imagined it to be ;D so I did another style instead, a wing, angel eyeshadow look. Oh yes and don't forget to join our mini giveaway! Come on guys only 50 followers until we announce the winners. Spread da love!! 
so secxy ehh ;D

Dark angel!!! :0 ahh

Like my random circle lenses? 


  1. I really like your wings! I love doing wings but I can never get them to be even.... so I spend like 30 minutes doing my wings and then just giving up on them, nice bold lipstick I like it :)

  2. My wings took forever too. They were neven and then I had to make sure they were the right length @o@ but thank you ;D

  3. wow i love the way you drew the wings!! (oh my favorite pic is the second one :3)

  4. Thanks Caroline :3 I like all of them haha