September 25, 2011

☺Japanese Stores In Washington☺

Helloooooo everyone!!! The other day, I went to a huge  mall in Auburn, Washington called, Southcenter mall. It is almost a super mall! They have three stories, have their own seafood/asian food district, and sooooo many stores!!! I haven't been there for a while, so when I went, I saw they had two Japanese stores. The first store I went to was called Tokyo Japanese Lifestyle. They have a lot of everyday Japanese things. It was a little pricey because they do import everything. I ended up buying double eyelid tape, a face mask, and makeup poofs! 

My next store was called Daiso Japan. They  had sooo many things!! Bottom and Top eyelashes, makeup, hair accessories, food, drinks, kitchen supplies, school supplies, household item, and more. And everything was only.... $1.50!!! It was soo crazy!!!! I didn't buy that much (even though I wanted too), but I did get some bottom eyelashes, and nail accessories!!! I was so happy to find this store (I'm pretty sure it was new). 

After words, we were walking around and saw a huge model, fashion show. We were looking, when we heard a familiar voice. We turned to look and saw Stacy London from What Not To Wear!!! It was so weird seeing her in person. People were asking for fashion advice, and she tells it like it is, lol. But it was really cool seeing a celebrity in person. 

Also, I'm sorry I haven't really been posting much! I just moved into a new place with my Dad, and we have no internet!!! I've been having to look everywhere to steal some. Hopefully we will get some soon, and I can post a lot more frequently!! (And I just got my driver's permit!!! yay, finally) Hope you all had a great weekend!!! <3 <3<3


  1. aww looks fun! They don't have that many japanese stores around where I live, another reason to go to washington again <3

  2. That's the mall I go to, lol.

    I love your blog, and I didn't know they opened a Daiso there.

  3. Awesome I love Daiso :)

    But in Singapore is all $2.00 everything hehe~

  4. Aww, I really wish we had japanese stores in Sweden. D:

  5. i wish daiso in my country also brings those products!

    anyway, im having an international giveaway, would you like to join it please? ^_^ thanks!

  6. this is the very first daiso japan i have ever seen in my life, but i really like it!!!! can't wait to go back <3 <3