September 10, 2011

❀ Gyaru Mode With New Hair ❀

There was such a beautiful sunset in Washington today!!! It has been so sunny and hot the last weeks of summer, and I'm surprised. Usually Washington rains so much, but it hasn't!! I've been working on my summer tan, and trying to get all the pictures I can take before I start college. Anyways, ever since I dyed my hair, I havn't been able to be in gyaru mode because I've either been too busy or just too lazy :).  But today I wanted to do gyaru, but it isn't my best, but it works. I also wanted to remind everyone about our giveaway!!! We're not closing it till we have received 50 followers!!! We're only 11 away, so please follow us, get your friends to follow us or anything. It's only a mini giveaway, but once we receive 100 followers, it'll be much bigger and more gyaru. I hope everyone had a wonderful, gyaru weekend!!!
(Such a beautiful sunset!!)

(Camera whore!! ♥)


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