September 8, 2011

♡ Going Downtown ♡

Going downtown in Portland, Oregon is so much fun. On weekends they have a huge market, called the Saturday market (even though its open on Sundays too). Before I left Oregon, a couple friends and I went on Sunday. They usually have a lot of handmade things for sale. But I ended up buying an ear cuff, and a cute little doll that I can put on my phone! There was even a girl with a pikachu backpack that my friend followed around, haha. 
The cute dolls!! 

Floating teacups(?)

The pikachu!!

Friend with the pikachu

Gyaru Dress(?)

Cute cell phone charms

Fresh Strawberry Bubble Tea! 

Hello Kitty

A Hello Kitty book, filled with Hello Kitty


  1. Wow that looks like so much fun! Those dolls are really cute, i remember seeing them once in my local mall but i ended up not getting i really regret it haha xD. Oh by the way, was the bubble tea good? I love bubble tea so much <3

  2. well hopefully you can get a doll soon!!
    and the bubble tea was really good. it was so fresh cause they used fresh strawberries, so it was sweet and a little tart too <3 <3

  3. I wish we had markets like that around here ~ maybe I just haven't discovered it yet... HELLO KITTY <3

  4. Looks fun. Is it true that things are more expensive in Oregon since you don't have sales tax?

  5. @LemonberryLulu, hopefully you have a market, or you can go to one. they're lots of fun <3

    @Sia, actually things are still priced the same like in everyother state too. <3 <3