September 11, 2011

♛Makeup Inspiration♛

So today, Sunday, a day before I go back to school once again ;D  I was hoping of doing some sort of back to school haul but I think I'm gonna put that aside for now and do it another day.BUT, for now I will show you my inspired look for today!! Da-dunnn! So you all know the anime show Bleach right? And tumblr, aight?? Well I was on my tumblr earlier today and I happen to come across this picture of this girl with a hollow "mask" on. I was like ¯\o/¯ !!!!? So beautiful! So I tried to attempt the look, let me know what ya think about it :3
Clean face

White cream makeup to half of face[geisha!]

Start drawing in your lines

Top view 

T A D A A A A ! !

The inspired look [I do not own this picture!]


  1. Oh my...this looks awsome!!
    I'm sometimes inspired by anime looks, too ♥ haha

  2. really cool ! :D ah, i just love anime ~ they awesome !

  3. Awww thank you lovesss <3
    hope you guys do something creative and fun

  4. Wow, this is awesome!! You did a great job :)

  5. * o * Wow, that's amazing! Awesome job. (^-^)b
    How long did it take you? : O

  6. Thank you Berry! I think it took about an hour and thirty minutes. Mainly because it takes a while to dry.