September 6, 2011

⊱ Omg!! Hair dying!! ⊰

So everyone!!! I decided to dye my hair back to my blonde/orange color!! I used to have this color back in February, but then decided to dye it back to dark brown, then to a lighter brown, and now back to this!! I really wanted to wait till I dyed my hair back to light again, so that my hair could repair from the last time I bleached it. Well I couldn't wait, because i'm addicted to hair dying, so I did it at 9 at night!!! My dad's finacee did it, and it turned out pretty good. So I took pictures of the process! Enjoy!! I don't really look gyaru  in the pictures, but I'll be taking pics in gyaru mode very soon!!!

(Materials: Bleach(vol.10 & 20, brushes, copper/orange dye, gloves, mixing bowl, dry bleach power, & applicator)

(Mixing bleach together)

(Before hair coloring!!!)

(Putting vol.20 bleach on roots)

(Put vol.10 bleach on the rest of my hair)

(color after 30 min)

(color after washing out bleach; pretty orange already)

(putting copper/orange hair dye in hair)

(color after 20 min and washing out)

(Final look!!! Dried, but not styled)


  1. Oh! I like this color a lot ♥

  2. thank you very much Maii & Mutsumi!! :)

  3. Really really cute! I recently went back to black and these pictures are so tempting for me to go bleach my hair >< not good not good! :p

  4. you look so cute,love that color ^^

  5. So pretty!!! I love your new color =D
    Super Cute <3

  6. thank you all!!! i should look more gyaru now! <3 <3 <3

  7. Wow the color looks amazing on you! ^^ SO PRETTY!

  8. thank you Lita!! I really like it too <3 <3