October 15, 2011

❣Forever21 Haul

After a good day of dance practice once again, I head off to go eat SUSHI!! Haven't had any in so long. Oishii!! After sushi I went across the street to where the mall was. Went inside Morning Glory[which sells a ton of hello kitty plushies and notebooks and also k-pop stuff!] and then to Forever21. I was on a low budget so I only got the sale stuff or the cheapest thing I could find.

 Got myself a new blush brush[sooo soft  {{{(>_<)}}} ]
 The cute little design on it
Lipstick in shade Dusty Pinky

 New eyelashes and these are soo long
That's it. More to come, maybe.


  1. I love f21 stuff! It's so cheap xD but I'm kinda hesitant to buy their makeup, is it any good?

  2. This is actually my first time buying from them too! The lipstick has no smell, but really smooth application.

  3. wow, nice haul ! i love forever 21 makeup ~ so cheap xD

  4. They look so cute =)

    I wanna buying f21 too now ^^~