October 23, 2011

✘✘Dying My Eyebrows & Over 50 Followers!!✘✘

Hellooo everyone!!! I'm so happy to say we have over 50 followers now! Thank you all soo much! <3 <3. Anyways, I still don't have internet at my house -.-". But i'm still hoping soon! So this past week, I decided to dye my eyebrows! You know how gyaru models always have dyed eyebrows to match more with their hair. Since my hair is naturally dark, so are my eyebrows. And ever since I dyed my hair blonde, I've had dark eyebrows. And that doesn't match haha. So I decided to bleach them. I was a little nervous at first because i've always had dark eyebrows. But here's the before: 

(Eyebrows are dark)

And here's the after. Its a little hard to tell from the picture, but they are a lot lighter.

Also some view announcements. I'm still waiting for my princess mimi contacts, but should be getting them anytime now (they say it's been shipped!). I'll be doing a review on those. Also, I bought a cancan hat (the gyaru hats), so i'll show you guys that when I recieve it too!!. And you know that "make your own hello kitty plushie" that I posted earlier? I finally finished it! So i'll show you guys that too. I'm going to wait to take more pictures till I get those dang circle lens! haha hope you had a good weekend, and have a good week! <3 <3 


  1. Uwah, love the results ♥ I've bleached mine last month, too~ only for a Cosplay though haha

  2. haha thanks! i actually like them lighter <3

  3. waaa you are so kawaiii and i love your blog i follow tou now! <3 i love your eyes!