October 31, 2011

☻ ☺ Happy Halloween!! ☻ ☺

Happy Halloween everyone!!!! Hopefully you had a chance to go do something fun!!! I had such a fun time!! I went to a small get together, then I went walking around while little kids were trick or treating.  Then one of my guy friends and I went trick or treating together. Everyone thought we were 16, but we still got a ton of candy because we went really late. I also carved two pumpkins, the day before yesterday!! I did a cat, and hello kitty!!!! <3 

Good news!!! I'm currently using someone's wi fi, so I should be able to blog much more frequently!!! I also recieved my princess mimi chocolate brown contacts, so I will be doing a review very very soon on those. Here's a sneak peak at what they look like on me :D

(Happy Halloween!!)


  1. Glad you enjoyed Hallowwen and got some sweets!! ♥ You did an amazing job with the pumpkins!!!

  2. thanks mutsumi!! i hope you had a good one too :)