October 3, 2011

❣Random Announcements❣

Annyeon!!! How is everyone?? I really miss posting! But I'll be getting internet at my house next week and cable!!! Yay, I can't wait. So I might not be starting school closer to winter because Financial Aid and my college are little difficult and have tons of paperwork lol. But on Saturday I went job hunting and got many applications, so i hope I get a callback so I can start working and getting my own money. Another annoucement! This weekend is very special!!!!! 1. I'm going down to Oregon to visit. 2. This weekend is my birthday! I'll be turning 19!! :O. 3. Since Vicky's birthday is on Oct 11, and mine is on Oct 8, we're celebrating it together this weekend!!! This weekend is going to be very very fun. One of my friend's mom's is throwing me a little party too(I feel so bad!!) But I can't wait! I just got Vicky's gift at an Uwajimaya that they have in Seattle. I love this Uwajimaya soo much cause they have all of Tsubasa Masukawa's eyelash collection ( a little pricey).  Anyways i      ended up buying a Popteen magazine, and a pair of eyelashes. My dad ended up buying a ton of asian food too! I can't show Vicky's gift till later, or she'll know XD.  I also have been ordering stuff on ebay lately. I just got my order of eyelashes. I'm still waiting for my nails, hat, and eyelid tape.  Anyways, I probably be posting again with Vicky this weekend!! Also did a random camerawhoring lol.  Hope you all have a great week!!! <3 <3 <3
(So amazing!!)



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