October 2, 2011

ヽ(´∀`●)人(●´∀`)ノ Japanese Exchange Buddies

Sorry that we haven't been posting lately □_ヾ(・_・ )カタカタ errr haha. Jennifer is busy with getting into college and me, well I've just been catching up on my missing credits to graduate. Lets get down to the good stuff!! So again I forgot to take pictures of my back to school clothes ;D heh but this last week my school got a visit from some Japanese exchange students from Sano High. Ommo and they are soooo cute!!! It's so sad because they just went back home today. I was at the airport watching them go (⊃Д⊂) soo sad. I love them sooo mucho!! They were like my babies. On the first day I was introduced to my buddies I didn't really get a chance to see their faces because I had to go to class right away! I got two CUTE buddies: Yutaro and Kenta awww I miss them already. I'm not gonna say this or maybe I will. . . . . ( ̄ー ̄) Lol me and my cutie buddy Kenta are kinda crushing on eachother muahahaaa. Well I don't know for SURE sure but his body language was showing something something for this girly right here! I went to skateworld with the whole crew and yes I fell once on my butt. I took my buddies to frenzi[frozen yogurt place] along with my buddy Cynthia and her buddies as well and then some. There was an appreciation party or goodbye party for them and I gotta say the food was yummy and FREE! XD some of the students showed off their talents, pretty good. Awww the last day we got to hang out was at the home football game, fun and sad day. XD haaaa now I want to go to Japan for sure!! Oh yes, I also got some e-mails, mostly from the Japanese guys but that's only because the girls are really into their girl group ;3 aigoo I don't know, they were all so cute. There's more pictures but they're all on my other friend's camera, hope she uploads them soon!! Pictures 
 Buddies: Yutaro-Kenta
 My buddy Yutaro and Cynthia's buddy Tokio
 Aww my baby Kenta and the wandering students

 Appreciation party, some singing and kendo
Sneaked a quick picture shot
 Pizza party!!
Football game
 Aww sad day at the airport. Group picture

So, have any of you guys hosted or buddied an exchange person before? Tell me how it went! Leave a comment.


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