November 25, 2011

☁ Having a 3 A.M. Gyaru Night and Hair Bleaching ☁

Helloooo everyone!! I'm sad to day that I have no more free wi fi at my place anymore T.T. But about two weeks ago I came down and Vicky came over so we could re-light her half side of her hair. Her roots had grown in a lot, so it was time. 




So after dying, it was pretty late, but we still decided to do a couple of pictures. 

We're almost to 60 followers!!! I'm so happy, because we're almost to 100!!! Sorry for not posting lately, but hopefully I will have more interesting things soon. Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving, and Christmas is coming!!! Oh and I went to Black Friday!!! Soo much fun XD. Bai bai gals!!! <3 <3