November 29, 2011

Dark Cat Eyes v(▼ω▼メ)ゞ

Hello fellow bloggers/followers. I am very proud to say that we have reached 60 followers!!! So proud! Thank you to everyone who's dropping by and reading this blog of ours. Just 40+ more to go. So back to what the title says, cat eyes. I know today was a school day and all but I just wasn't feeling it and plus gyaru's are rebels, they don't need to go to school (≧∇≦) don't worry I didn't start skipping because I turned gyaru, I've always been the rebel of the family, ooo yeah. Ok ok well I did this cat eye today, was gonna do an ootd too but naa I already put my sweats on. The some what lower quality pictures were taken on my ipod. 

[I is clean]


  1. OMGH!! I love it! Your hair is SO PRETTY!!

  2. The cat eyes are gorgeous Dear <3

  3. i love your eyes. you look so beautiful

  4. Hey there :3
    saw that you guys followed my blog so i drop by to check you guys' blog and I gotta say... I love you two! I really enjoy reading few entries of your blog and the pictures are so funny!

    Loving the cat eye look that you did here! you look really gorgeous!

    Am looking forward to read more blogs from you two X3


  5. Thank you gals!! <3 I love you guy's comments