December 21, 2011

◇◇My first professional pics for a wedding! ◇◇

Hellooo everyone!! Almost Christmas!!! So today was my dad's wedding and we got professional pics taken. I got to wear a cute silver/gray dress, blue heels and bling jewelry! <3. This was the first time i've ever gone to do this and I loved it! A great experience at what gyaru models go through. I did simple gyaru makeup and curled my hair and even put up my bangs!! :O


It was sooo fun and now I'm at the Great Wolf Lodge!! Next week Vicky will be here in Washington with me!!!!! Go get all your Christmas shopping done gals!!! <3 <3


  1. Looks good! That's a super cute dress. :) Congrats to the wedding in your family!

  2. thank you!! i loved the dress haha <3 <3

  3. Dress is fabulous and you look gorgeous ^^